Art-n-light by Vineeta Nair

Vineeta Nair is one of the leading Design bloggers in India and comes from an advertising background. What began as a passion to share her love for design, décor & art then became a blog called Artnlight & has now translated into a brand which stands for creativity, passion and inspiration. Her trays, boxes, wall art and mirrors reflect her passions be it typography, Rajasthan or Bombay. The accent is on the concept and design. Artnlight is for people who like their homes to be a reflection of who they are and take the pains to keep it that way.

Artnlight products have been featured in Elle Décor, Better Interiors, Mid-day, Better Homes & Gardens, Good Homes, Somerset Studio (a U.S publication on the creative arts), Ideal Homes & Gargens and  Kyoorius the premier Indian design magazine.

Q. Define your work in 3 words

A. Contemporaty Eclectic Colourful


Q. Signature style?

A. I believe in constantly reinvent myself – and being true to the creative work that I’m doing & there are certainly no rules for that.


Q. A few emotions that impel & inspire you – do express the same in yr work?

A. My love for this amazing country I am from, its colour, its design, its formidable artistic lineage are a huge inspiration for me. To be able to do justice to where I come from is a huge motivator for me.


Q. When I feel stuck – what do I do?

A. I do other things. As an entrepreneur there are always enough an more things that are waiting for my time and attention. For me what works is to do what is required at that point in time – it may be making my invoices – taking stock and all those so called ‘uninspiring’ things. But the satisfaction of having done what needs to be done is a great mood lifter and keeps me going.


Q. If I were to start a cult – what would it be?

A. It would definitely be to follow your heart. It would be a cult that follows heart and happiness. Not enough people do it. And for those who do it, one needs to renew your commitment to it constantly. Build courage, do what you want & be happy. If you can do these things it is more than enough.


Q. Which place inspires me most?

A. Here to be in this country inspires me immensely. The unapologetic colours of Rajasthan, the phenomenal design sense of the artisans of the Rajasthani  the mogul artistic lineage of this country inspires me, the grit the determination and the grace of the common man in this country inspires me.

The colours and the spirit of the Mahakumbh, the peace there despite the crazy crowds, the faith of entire families irrespective of class creed and economy landing at one place and that kind of massive but deep and instrinsic faith inspires me.


Q. The Collection that will feature at the Cool Hunting show –

A. I will be showing my new collection of products + an all new MahaKumbh inspired Wall art series at the Cool Hunting show.

The products will feature my new ‘Queen’ collection of products. This line is dedicated to the Royal Indian Queens and will pay homage to their valour, their life, and their grandeour.


Q. Why am I looking forward to the Cool Hunting Show?

A. I am looking forward to meeting the most interesting fellow design entrepreneurs in the country. My last experience with the Fuschia Tree tells me that I will certainly be meeting a brilliant line up of people with equally interesting work. I am looking forward to showing once again in the gorgeous interiors of the Anemos Store, where one gets to the breathe the same air as some of the oldest and the most beautiful pieces of art from a time and era we can only now imagine.