élan creates refreshingly happy moments with style and panache! The vivid colors, delightful patterns and subtle textures in home décor and gardening products imbue joy in your everyday life.

élan is a treasure-trove of fascinating lifestyle products waiting for you to organise, garden, entertain, gift, and even entice. Buckets, boxes, caddies, gardening tools, blackboard markers, suspended hearts-birds-mini homes, lanterns, stools, trays, napkin rings and more! Enjoy basic geometrics, vivid colors, patterns, and raw textures. Each piece is handmade.

With the highly underrated and unexplored Mr Galvanized Sheet Metal to design and manufacture élan’s collections, you’ll be surprised by its versatility.

All products are made in the factory in Delhi, NCR. The products are not painted - they are powder coated in an industrial oven to ensure maximum quality and life. All powder coating is lead-free and safe for foods so you can eat from any of these products.  

Q. Define your work in THREE words

A. Industrial. Colorful. Purposeful.


Q. Do you believe in signature style or would you rather constantly reinvent yourself?

A. I don't think we would have a signature style as we expand but would have the same brand philosophy- working with off beat materials and/or designs catering to young home owners.


Q. A few emotions that impel and inspire you. Do you express the same in your work?

A. There is a dearth of design options available in the Indian market with only a handful of stores dominating this space. We attempt to make good design available and accessible to the growing market of young home owners.


Q. When inspiration doesn’t flow through or when you feel stuck… what is it that you do?

A. I switch gears to the business end of things, which I enjoy a lot too!


Q. If you were to start a cult, what would it be ?

A. Probably revolving around my future store - full of élan products, great food and my own superhero-without-a-cape-who-farts-baby-unicorns called shane bond??!


Q.What is the one place/ spot/ country in the world that inspires you the most? And Why?

A. New experiences inspire me! Traveling to new places, eating different food, seeing a beautiful products.


Q.Tell us about your collection that will feature at the Cool Hunting Show

A. We are showcasing élan's collection in a new elevated color palette.


Q.Finally, why are you looking forward to the Cool Hunting Show?

A. I am looking forward to meeting interesting design oriented people and companies. This might even lead to future collaborations!