The Lucky Diary 2014 (Tirtha Yatra Edition)

A little bit of luck in your life. Everyday for 365 days

A sojourn to a holy sanctuary (tirtha-yatra) is part of an ancient tradition and continuing culture in India. Almost everybody knows of somebody who, at some point in his or her lives embarks on a pilgrimage to a sacred place. These holy sites offer the same gifts to all - purification of the soul, good fortune, fulfillment of wishes, redemption from sin and, above all else, spiritual realisation.

When it comes to luck, there's one thing everyone can agree upon: you can never have too much of it. So we bring to you our very own harbinger of good fortune – The Lucky Diary 2014 (tirtha-yatra edition). A lucky charm packed with the power of these divine destinations. A talisman you can write in and keep with you at all times.

This year’s edition is a spiritual journey through Sacred India.  Blessings for each day and every task—brought to you from the holiest forests, rivers, deserts and hilltop shrines. This delightfully uplifting diary will entice Lady Luck to come your way all year round.

Let the tirtha-yatra edition of The Lucky Diary touch the pilgrim within you.