Simply getting Overdosed on SUGAR!!!! Eat SPICY food and drown in the SUGARY sweetness of desserts, after!...You dont need to search for the meaning of life anymore!!!

There is NO OUTLET! It is a home based business so u get the chance to meet the AWESOME MOI!!!..Lol!..

Everything is baked at home!...We use only wholesome ingredients...No margarine and cheap oils...Its all butter, full cream and whole eggs that go into the products and everything is made from scratch!..NO PREMIXES!.

Even if you have a flavour in mind, we will cater to that as well!..It doesn`t always have to be on the menu if you love it!

The flavours are classic , presented in the most sexy and cute styles possible...Try it to believe it...

 The SOD Motto-

We do sweet everythings for ALL occasion, including DIVORCE!!!

Q. Define your work in THREE words

A. SugarOverDose


Q. Do you believe in signature style or would you rather constantly reinvent yourself?

A. A mix of both


Q. A few emotions that impel and inspire you. Do you express the same in your work?

A. Absolute MADNESS ! creativity , LOVE


Q. When inspiration doesn’t flow through or when you feel stuck… what is it that you do?

A. I smoke sheesha,  do not do ANYTHING ..just let it be...oh ya..I also have a bad temper macaroons, so I tend to scream at MYSELF! ..Lets just say I'm my worst BOSS!


Q. If you were to start a cult, what would it be ?

A. Sweet everything for every occasion - including DIVORCE!


Q. What is the one place/ spot/ country in the world that inspires you the most? And Why?

A. Dubai, UAE..I was born there . I am the person I am becauae of that LOVE AFFAIR with food is because of that place..A lot Of my personality speaks through my products..and my personality is all because of DXB!


Q. Tell us about your collection that will feature at the Cool Hunting Show.

A. I am doing dessert jars, macaroons , cake pops and amazing Diwali inspired chocolate creations..I am super stoked about CH!!


Q. Finally, why are you looking forward to the Cool Hunting Show?

A. Dude, cos its COOL.!! N I gives me the platform to introduce stuff that is fun , contemporary yet unique in its own way..I think it will provide me the type of audience I'm looking forward to- The kind that is open minded n willing to enjoy quality desserts!! yayyyyy!