The Dr. M. L. Dhawale Memorial Trust (MLDT) was established in 1987 to serve humanity through Homoeopathy. The trust works on the model of positive health, which is not mere absence of disease but a vibrant sense of well being. It serves an area covering 50 lakh people, most of them with no access to healthcare facilities. The services are extended  through 5 Hospitals, 4 Ambulances, 4 Mobile clinics, 12 Rural Clinics and 14 Urban clinics spread in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka.

MLDT's Journey of holistic health led to a realization that a hungry person cannot be helped by medicines alone, however powerful. He needs work for his hands, which will give food for himself and his family. The land which has been robbed of nutrients through overuse of chemical fertilizers needs to be healed.

This realization and the resulting journey has been an enriching experience embracing many vital and related aspect of  Health. The Trust has started Organic Farming initiative  to nurture the health of nature, Sustainable livelihood programme and Self Help Groups (one of them that of Warli artists) to improve economic health of people and Education Programmes in schools for a better tomorrow to maintain social health. 

The Trust brings to you the creations of these proud tribals, who are coming to mainstream civilization perhaps for the first time in their life.