India Circus, leading interior designer Krsna Mehta’s contemporary-chic home décor, lifestyle, apparel, and personal accessories label, has unveiled a range of new products in a variety of categories. New elements, new colours, and new styles, the latest collection has it all! The collection includes products across several categories.

India Circus, a private label, constantly seeks inspiration from the rich natural elements around us, and also from the varied nuances of day-to-day life. It is this design ideology that makes every product of India Circus a true pride and pleasure to own.

Q. Define your work in three words        

A. Classic, Contemporary and Sophisticated.


Q.Do you believe in signature style or would you rather constantly reinvent yourself?

A.I believe that one should constantly reinvent and grow.


Q. A few emotions that impel and inspire you. Do you express the same in your work?

A.I like to feel happy and comfortable when I work.Yes, I definitely express it in my work.


Q. When inspiration doesn’t flow through or when you feel stuck… what is it that you do?

A.I take a break and listen to some music and clear my thoughts.


Q. If you were to start a cult, what would it be ?

A.I would like to start a time-travelling colour cult and we would all speak Klingon.


Q. What is the one place/ spot/ country in the world that inspires you the most? And Why?

A. New York is the place that inspires me the most. It is such a vibrant city with so many different kinds of people and experiences.


Q. Tell us about your collection that will feature at the Cool Hunting Show.

A. This collection is going to be vibrant and colourful. We will be showcasing products ranging from home decor items such as cushion covers to accessories such as sling bags. And there will a whole lot more.


Q. Finally, why are you looking forward to the Cool Hunting Show?

A. I think the Cool Hunting Show because its a great platform to showcase our work at IndiaCircus to new people.