Get back to writing notes. 
With a pen, pencil or a paintbrush.
Give your phone a break. 

Q. Define your work in THREE words

A. genuine, fresh, idiosyncratic


Q. Do you believe in signature style or would you rather constantly reinvent yourself?

A. I believe that being true to yourself often involves striking out in new directions – people, ideas and seasons change.


Q. A few emotions that impel and inspire you. Do you express the same in your work?

A. Mostly love. And a celebration of life and relationships. There isn’t much else that matters. The cards are all about this.


Q. When inspiration doesn’t flow through or when you feel stuck… what is it that you do?

A. Sit in a café and have a cup of tea and allow myself to daydream with my pen and my notebook in front of me, or read some poetry, or listen to some music. OR watch a movie.  Or play with lego.


Q. If you were to start a cult, what would it be ?

A. It would be the Cult of the Kind Acts of Random. We would gather in city squares to blow giant bubbles, or hand out flowers to strangers, or form a 2km-long conga line and dance down a mountain to the sound of shehnais and taped birdsong. That sort of thing. Everyone would wear a hat.


Q. What is the one place/ spot/ country in the world that inspires you the most? And Why?

A. It’s being on a train that inspires me the most – something about the movement. Showers. Tubs.


Q. Tell us about your collection that will feature at the Cool Hunting Show

A. These are cards to give to the people in your life – for any or no occasion, expressing things that you’ve thought before or things that you haven’t yet. Brown Paper Bag describes them as ‘simple, sweet and mostly random’! I think that you’ll like them.


Q. Finally, why are you looking forward to the Cool Hunting Show? 

A. Sadly, Anjali won’t be able to be there L.  But her cards will, and they will be exhilarated by being surrounded by so much exciting design. They look forward to being ‘hunted’, and discovered, and cherished, and taken home. They just want to be loved.