Established in the year 2011, BANDBOX is now a household name growing consistently across cities.

Offering an extensive range of home accessories, cushion covers, rugs & wall accents. BANDBOX provides designs with a modern twist.

 BANDBOX also offers an exclusive customized design service to its customers.

Q. Define your work in THREE words

A. Live Laugh Love. We make all things bright and beautiful to infuse life, love and laughter in your home.


Q. Do you believe in signature style or would you rather constantly reinvent yourself?

A. We’d rather constantly reinvent ourselves. Holding on to the essence of the brand but not a particular signature style.


Q. A few emotions that impel and inspire you. Do you express the same in your work? -  A. Persistence, Patience and Happiness. We believe in achieving the impossible only with persistence and patience. Also, an individual is an extension of their homes and vice versa. Hence Happy Homes make Happy individuals. At Bandbox we strive to do just that.


Q. When inspiration doesn’t flow through or when you feel stuck… what is it that you do?

A. Do things which make me happy and think happy thoughts.  I feel it is very important to understand you can’t be creative 24*7, 365 days. There will always be days when you are “oh so not getting there”. Learn to reconcile with thatand make peace with yourself. I spring back smiling to work.


Q. If you were to start a cult, what would it be?

A. Happy Quirky. Our stuff is usually an extension of an individual’s quirky personality and the fact that he/she can relate so easily with our products be it a Drama Queen, Spoiled Rotten etc, gives us an edge.


Q. What is the one place/ spot/ country in the world that inspires you the most? And Why? 

A. Disneyland. I’m a hopeless Disney Fan. It transcends me into a fairy tale land. And as they say at Disney: Believe in Magic. I believe in the impossible, I believe in all things good and all efforts definitely make a Happy Ending. J


Q. Tell us about your collection that will feature at the Cool Hunting Show

A. We would be showcasing our lively cushion covers, everyone’s favourite: Hot Water Bag covers, Eye Pads, Rugs, Duvets etc. We believe our stuff helps build Happy Homes. Our personality cushion covers and mood setting hot water bag covers are customer favourites too.


Q. Finally, why are you looking forward to the Cool Hunting Show? 

A. We see this as a great opportunity to showcase our brand amongst like-minded people and a market which we believe would be the right target audience for our brand.